Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Election day. It's been a long time coming but after much political drama, it's only a day away. Personally, I'm looking forward to voting. I'm also looking forward to no longer being bombarded with campaign material everywhere I go. And who knows, maybe Julius Malema will even quieten down after his idol is voted into the presidency. Nah, not likely. Anyway, the important thing is tomorrow we get to vote and have our say. I won't even begin to pretend I believe that Jacob Zuma isn't going to be the next president, but I'm certainly going to use my vote to help ensure he has a strong opposition.

The thing with politics, I feel, is the sense of helplessness the general public has. We see the craziest things happening and watch in shock and horror as high-ranking officials walk away from corruption scandals and the like unscathed. So when it comes to elections, it's almost as if a little bit of control is redeemed, giving people like you and me a chance to have our say - and be heard. It may be a little voice, but it can go a long way. So yeah, I'm looking forward to casting my vote tomorrow.

On a lighter note, have you guys seen any of the recent ads that play on the political slant? One of my favourites is the Nando's ad, which 'interviews' Julius Malema. (That's certainly got his panties all twisted, but it's not personally demeaning - it makes a play on the concept of 'change'.) I also LOVED this ad for Wimpy's Cups for Votes campaign. It's not a new concept - apparently Starbucks did something similar. But the ad itself is simple and quite, what's the word, touching? Nice copy, nice music. Check it out.

Anyhoo, seeing as tomorrow is a public holiday and there are more of those to come, I've put in for some additional leave and so will only be back in the office in about two weeks from now. Bliss! I'll miss the Internet access, but it's a small sacrifice for some much needed time out. Catch you on the flip side, and don't forget to vote!

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