Friday, 17 April 2009

Much ado about nothing

Remember the (big and expensive) ad that appeared in the Sunday Times the other week... the one about lengthening the skirts depicted in restroom signs? (Here, this one):

Well, as suspected, it was indeed part of an ad campaign. For this:

Yup, that's right. Good ol' Mrs Ball's Chutney.

But what's the connection you may ask? Good question. Seems the marketing guys behind the Mrs Ball's brand are trying to get across this message: If it ain't broke, don't try fix it.

Hmmmm... It's a bit of a stretch if you ask me. I think advertising should be product-appropriate. For example, I hate watching a long and emotional ad that practically leaves me in tears, only to find out AT THE END that it's a frikken' Telkom ad. Another example: there was recently an ad on the telly in which a guy scales buildings and does some hectic stunts in a race 'against the clock' to put coins in his parking meter before the gap-toothed meter-maid gives him a ticket. The 'big finale' comes when he tosses his coin which bypasses the hungry meter and inserts itself snugly between the two front teeth of the surprised meter-maid. All this for a
glass-fitting company(!!!). Too much, I say. I hate it when advertisements build you up and then let you down.

So I do think that all the fuss created around the 'NSEP' is a little OTT. Besides that, this sort of campaign misses the mark a bit when you have to stop and explain to the market what the correlation is. And all this for chutney? C'mon...


Niel de la Rouviere said...

What the? That is just ridiculous. Chutney with skirt lengthening?

However, like any bad advert/marketing is still advertising the product. You're talking about Ms. H Balls Chutney right? Makes for a topic of conversation.

There is one really stupid ad on TV I've not yet seemed to get. It usually comes on during Idols, where a man drives in a SVU across an icy landscape past three sets of girls (each time increasing in size) and stops at a petrol station. The petrol attendant (a hot chick with ample cleavage) asks for money. The dude says something along the lines of "Cash" and hands it over without looking. He then shuts his laptop on the passenger seat. End of ad and then Silversands Poker comes on. WTF?

I'm still really clueless about that! Maybe I'm missing something really obvious.

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Yeah, I've seen that one and must admit, I also think it's pretty pointless. Isn't the guy in that ad Dolph Lundgren? (A.K.A. He-Man in the movie version of Masters of the Universe from way back... And also arch-enemy of the 'Muscles from Brussels' Jean-Claude van Damme in some or other testosterone-loaded movie.)

Guess his movie career can't be doing that great if he's resorted to doing gambling ads. Ouch.

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