Monday, 20 September 2010

Cheese Philosophy

Love these Pearls Before Swine cartoons!

Must admit, I feel exactly the same way about cheese. Even the most horrible vegetables become edible if served with cheese. Let's face it people, cheese makes the world a much better place!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Corny but True

The other day I was scrounging around in my cupboard of Ancient Stuff  I Can't Throw Away when I came across this:

It's a story from a Brownie magazine that published (and paid for) a little piece I wrote 'back in the day'. It's no coincidence the newsletter looks like it was printed on papyrus! I wrote that 24 years ago at the tender age of nine. I was a bright-eyed, bushy-haired little chick who loved the Brownies. I went for my writer's badge and the woman who 'judged' it liked it so much that she asked if she could submit it to Times 6, the Brownie mag. A while later, I got news that they were going to print it and I was sent a postal order for something like R1, which seemed like a lot of money to a nine year old in 1987! 

I remember feeling like a bit of a national hero because the pack leaders made quite a splash about it. Ah, good times. Obviously a lot has changed since I was nine, but one thing that hasn't is that I still like being paid to write, though my rates are now a little higher than R1 a piece!

With copywriting, you generally don't get to add your opinion or name to the things you write. That's why I have this blog, so I get to shoot my mouth off and throw my opinion around the Interweb. (Insert evil laugh here.)

Ironically, a few months back, a local fashion magazine sent me some stuff to review for their annual 'Best of Beauty' supplement. Not because my opinion is special but rather because they like to include subscribers in their surveys. Anyway, it was quite nice to open this month's edition and see my two cent's worth (and name) in print. It was only around ten words long, but sometimes it's nice to have another 15 minutes of fame!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Crossing the line

I'm a BIG believer in freedom of expression but sometimes it's perfectly acceptable to give someone a good smack and tell them to shut the eff* up! That's what I wanted to do this morning when I logged into Facebook and saw this:

This guy was dating a friend of mine who I've known since school days. We live on different sides of the country now and I don't really know what she gets up to and 'who' she gets it with. But one thing's for sure. A rant like that is crossing the line. Even if she really is a nasty skank (which I doubt), can an outburst like this one - on such a public forum - be truly justified? Hell no!

Believe me, I know relationships don't always end with a civil handshake while Disney birds sing in the background. When there are emotions involved it's bound to be messy. Yet surely there's room for a little dignity? I'm all for going into details with close friends, which usually happens around the second bottle of wine. Hey, we're all human. But to splash it across Facebook for your friends, family, colleagues and the pope to see?!?!? Not cool. 

There's a little part of me that wants to leave a comment on his page telling him what I think of him. But what's the point? I also feel compelled to tell my friend that her ex is saying some nasty stuff about her. Though it's been so long since I've chatted to her, it would definitely be awkward, to say the least. Need to work on that one. There's obviously more to the story but if this is how he lashes out then I reckon she can do a lot better. Good riddance. She should sue his ass for defamation. Jerk.

*I'm also a big believer of the odd swear word but can't bring myself to write one quite just yet.
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