Tuesday, 7 April 2009

La-La-La... I can't hear you...

With all the shenanigans of our local politicians, the nose dive in the economy and my distinct lack of optimism, it seems nothing is going to save my sanity except a practical stick-my-head-in-the-sand approach. That and heading for the nearest open bottle of pinotage. (Not in an alcoholic sort of way. More in a 'I really appreciate red wine' kind of way.)

Anyway, in keeping with the denial avenue, here are a couple of gorgeous pics by Hans Silvester. I'm going to read up a bit more on him, but so far I can tell you it seems he spends his time in beautiful parts of the world taking shots of cats in natural environments. I like his style. The image below of the old Greek lady with the cat is simple yet rather poignant.

Here's a great pic! 'Not sure if you can make it out properly as the pic is rather small but the colour is gorgeous and the kitty in the corner below completes the lovely composition (Ooh, listen to me. Sounding like an art critic and all...)

Anyway, before I head off for the aforementioned vino, did anybody see this half-page insert in the Sunday Times over the weekend?

C'mon, this has to be a teaser campaign for something. Surely they can't seriously want to change public restroom signs to show the ladies with longer skirts! Jonathan Cherry reckons it must have something to do with the upcoming elections. Weird, hey? I phoned the call centre and got through to an automated message. Then I visited their website, but can't make out if there's anything fishy. Bizarre! Surely there's no way something like this can be legit? Peculiar, eh?


Being Brazen said...

HAve a wonderful easter weekend

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Thanks BB! You too! :)

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