Annoying Stuff

Stuff that rubs me up the wrong way...

1. Horatio from CSI Miami
2. Cereal ads that promise to keep consumers 'regular'
3. Receiving 'Please Call Me' texts from numbers I don't know
4. Multi-coloured tissues
5. 1-Ply toilet paper
6. Print ads with typos
7. Boney M
8. When random colleagues use your birthday as an excuse to kiss you
9. The word 'peeps'
10. Dead 'presents' from the cat
11. Coriander
12. Calls from my bank, trying to sell me insurance
13. Buying bridal shower / baby shower gifts for colleagues I've never spoken to
14. Damp towels
15. Roman Brady
16. Watery poached eggs
17. Crocs
18. Harem pants
19. SASI swimsuit models
20. Taxi drivers
21. Julius Malema
22. That funny noise my car makes
23. The recent increase in rhino poaching (WTF!!!!!!)

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