Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Not so Fabulous in the City

In spite of my best intentions, I didn't actually get to see Sex and the City 2 when it hit the Big Screen back in June. Not sure what happened there - I was so excited about the release of the movie but then suddenly it was a month later and I still hadn't seen it. So I've been waiting patiently for the DVD release, and finally, I rented it from my local Blockbuster last night. 

I have to say, Sex and the City 2 just wasn't that fabulous. 

For the most part, the reviews I'd heard weren't exactly complementary but I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. I love, love, love the show! And the first movie was quite decent. But this one? Hmmmm, no. It was just so cliched in all the wrong ways, the outfits weren't so glamorous and the ladies all looked rather well-matured. I know none of them are in their thirties anymore, but all the same, they looked rather hard and leathery. I'm sure make-up played a role in that. 

 Anyway, I'm glad I finally got to see it. But I think it's time for Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte to stop with the SATC movies and rather leave us with the glowing memories of the fabulous ol' days.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mixed bag of all sorts

Hi there. Long time no chit chat! Where did the time go? Seriously, a whole month since I last touched my blog. (Wait, that sounds a little dirty. Meh, whatever.) I don't know how some people post on their blog every single day. Wow. 

Anyway, it's been a while, and though nothing much has happened, lots has changed. Does that even make sense? I guess my biggest news is that after months and months of 'freelancing' (or 'starving at home with the cat', as I like to call it) I'm heading back to full-time employment. It's been quite a ride, and after last year's retrenchment and my deep disillusionment with the type of writing jobs I got paid to do, I was feeling very uninspired and flat. But just as I was coming to terms with the fact I may be destined to live on the streets in a cardboard box under a bridge, a rather cool opportunity came along. So as of the 1st of November, I will be a fully employed Copy Editor. Yay for me! I'm quite excited about this new direction my 'career' is taking. I've wanted to work in magazine since, well, forever, and now I'm finally going to get my chance. However, I'll still be freelancing as a copywriter. The irony is, since I accepted the Copy Ed position, quite a few freelance opportunities have come up. Typical, eh? So yes, goodbye freedom and working from home. Hello monthly paycheques. 

About bloody time.
Okay, so what else can I tell you about? Oh yes, I came across a few new(ish) albums that I'm deeply in love with. But I think I'll keep that for another post. That way, I'll be more inclined to write another post sooner than later. (It's really very strange, I just haven't had much to say lately. At least, nothing important.)

Oh yes, last week I watched Eat Pray Love. I thought it was great - and it did the novel justice. Check it out if you have a chance. 

One last thing... Last weekend I went to Buena Vista Social Cafe in Greenpoint. It's the first time I'd been since they moved, but their cocktails and nachos were as delicious as I remembered. Lots of cute boy waiters too, which never hurts. 

And now, to end off with, little red aeroplanes. I shot this pic a few weeks back. There was some or other airshow on just outside of Cape Town, and every now and then, planes would fly over my home. I thought these were really cute.

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