Thursday, 2 April 2009

No speaking, dear. Just smile.

Ah bless. It seems Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela, had a simply fabulous time during her recent visit to Guantanamo Bay. According to news reports, she gushed profusely on her very own Miss Universe blog about what a wonderful time she had and how lovely the place is.
"The water in Guantanamo Bay is soooo beautiful! It was unbelievable... I didn't want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful."
"We visited the Detainees (sic) camps and we saw the jails, where they shower, how they recreate themselves with movies, classes of art, books. It was very interesting,"
Hmmm... I wonder if the tortured and shackled prisoners feel the same way? Do they take time out of their busy prisoner schedules to sip on cocktails while admiring the gorgeous sea views?

Off to the beach for some fun in the sun...

'Love them cart rides!

Searching for pretty seashells is awesome!


Well Dayana dear, it's a good thing you're pretty 'cos you're certainly not bright. Maybe you should stick to saving the dolphins.

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