Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Me, myself and I

So what's up with people who refer to themselves in the third person?* It's the weirdest thing. Last night I caught an episode of America's Next Top Model (yes, I'm a reality TV whore) and one of the model wannabees is this chick called Jade. Jade has got some serious 'tude and comes across as a downright biatch. And to make matters worse, she always talks about herself in the third person. As in 'Jade doesn't do this' and 'Jade doesn't do that' and 'Y'all better watch out cos Jade is so fierce right now she's gonna take you bitches down.' Okay so don't quote me on that - I can't remember what it is exactly that she said, but you get the drift.

Fierce / Scary (such a fine line)

But seriously, what's up with that? And it's usually society's dumbasses that make this a habit. A while back I heard ex-Cape Town mayor Peter Marais being interviewed on CapeTalk and throughout the segment he kept referring to himself in the third person. Seriously! I mean c'mon. What are you? Schizophrenic? Maybe, but I'm thinking it's more a case of a super-sized ego. Yup, no self-esteem issues there. Maybe I'm just from a generation of low self-esteem kids.

* That said, I think some situations call for third-person referrals - like when blogging. Then it's kinda quirky and cool. But in all other situations, I think it makes you sound like a first-class eejit.

(still funny even after all these years...)


Spear The Almighty said...

Spear The Almighty have to agree that talking about oneself in the third person is moronic. :)

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Fluffy Pink Thing thinks you're spot on! :)

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