Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Damn you, Grey's Anatomy

Why'd you have to make me cry last night?

K', so I know I wasn't the only one sobbing into my hankies. (I texted one of my best gal pals to see how she was coping. She wasn't.) But no wonder. When Meredith suddenly realised the mashed-up bus accident victim was George, followed by Izzie flatlining in Karev's arms... I mean, c'mon! Seriously?


That and the mushy vow exchange between Meredith and McDreamy plus Yang and her screwy sexy doc love meant my Kleenex never stood a chance. It gave me goosebumps, I tell ya!

And then when Izzie was in the 'express elevator to heaven' in her pretty pink dress and the doors open to find George standing there all ready for the military (not really), the floodgates opened and left me crying like a baby.

Way to end the season. Sheesh. (Can't wait for the next one!!!! :)

Sure, they're smiling now. They haven't got to the finale yet...

Going up?


Anonymous said...

Hey! nice Blog.
Greetings from Argentina.
I'll keep in touch.

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Thanks! Much appreciated! See you around :)

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