Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Desperately Seeking Mojo

The last few weeks have been somewhat lackluster and I'm really struggling to find the motivation to do, well, anything. Maybe it's just that time of year, or maybe it's a symptom of the 'World Cup hangover' they warned us about. It probably has a lot to do with spending far too many nights in, watching bad TV But more than anything, it's because I'm tired of freelancing for what basically amount to tips. Freelancers need to sell themselves and that's just not something I'm good at. It really is a vicious circle, because the more pitiful and pathetic I feel, the harder it is to get motivated. Ironically, a couple of months ago, it looked like my mojo was making a comeback. I was going out more, getting interviews for jobs I actually wanted (though not necessarily qualified for) and basically feeling confident. Now I'm back to square one. Self-confidence rock bottom and flat-lining motivation levels. 

 (From the brilliant Savage Chickens)

It's time to get my mojo back, though I'm not exactly sure how to go about that. I suspect a little exercise might help find it, as well as eating a bit better and not indulging in so many Cadbury's slabs (and those fantastic little vanilla and caramel cupcakes from Woolworths). I've also been trying to de-clutter my home which will hopefully have a domino effect my life. But above all that, it's time to get more productive. I find it so hard to write when I'm feeling this way because everything that spills out is so negative, and let's face it, pity parties are just not entertaining reads. But seeing as this funk seems to have settled in, there's not much choice but to carry on writing regardless. So please indulge my pitiful little saddo self. This too will pass. Sooner or later. 

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