Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Goats, ducks and pearls

Last weekend (which already feels like forever ago) I was invited to stay at Pearl Valley. Even though the Cape winter was making its presence felt, it didn't dampen our spirits as we went wine tasting and ate delicious food. 

While in the Paarl area, we had lunch at one of my favourite spots - Fairview.

The cheese here is unbelievable! We spent the afternoon eating a good range of cheeses on freshly baked bread, accompanied by delicious wine. Heaven.

Unfortunately, the service wasn't too good. We found our waitress quite sullen and unhelpful, but maybe she was just having an off day. Back to the cheeses  though - DELICIOUS!!!

Love that goat turret!

Back at Pearl Valley, this little guy was paddling around the house we were staying at in. After feeding him a substantial amount of bread he got quite brazen and came close enough for me to take a few close-ups.

Quite brave, considering the braai fire was lit, only a few metres away. Though as you can see, he didn't stay for dinner...

Through the course of the weekend, we all ate ourselves silly! Hearty breakfasts, delicious curries and a never-ending supply of wine ensured we all went home well-rested, and a little bit heavier!

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