Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I'm not a Twilight fan. Vampires are supposed to be passionate, ruthless and deadly. They're also supposed to spontaneously combust when touched by the sun's rays - not sparkle like a glitter fairy. 



Sure, he's hot and all that, but in this role he's more damp than vamp. And while on the subject, Bella has to be the most annoying, sullen teenage character ever created. She makes me want to slap some happy into her! However, the Twilight movies gain one bonus point because of Peter Facinelli. He is lovely!

Anyway, perhaps if I was a teenager reading the books or watching the movies for the first time, I'd have a greater appreciation for the Twilight series. They are, after all, written for and about teenagers. But from where I'm coming from, I just can't understand the appeal. That said, there are definitely a lot of big fans out there, of all ages. So I won't rain on their parade, but let's just say I won't be rushing off to watch these movies anytime soon.

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