Thursday, 15 July 2010

So Long to the Beautiful Game

So the FIFA final was played on Sunday evening with Spain scoring one victorious goal against the Netherlands that brought an end to an AWESOME month of football. I've never been so proud of my country and home as I've been over the last few weeks. The FIFA World Cup was a success! I'm so sad it's over but after going to three live matches and watching quite a few games at pubs around Cape Town, I can safely say that I flew my flag proud and high - and I was there! So I guess now it's time to move on, which means this is the last official football-orientated post for a while - if not forever. With that in mind, I felt it only fitting to present to you the players of my fantasy Dream Team. These guys are all good players but let's be honest,  I haven't based my team on skills. At least, not football skills. And seeing as poor Beckham had to sit the tournament out because of an injury, I decided to make him the coach of my Dream Team. Because I can. Here is why I call it The Beautiful Game.

Oh to be a fly on the wall of The Dream Team change-rooms...


Anonymous said...

Spain does just as well in the dream team as on the field! Viva Espana !

Nic said...

Absolutely! :)

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