Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Objects of my affection

So yesterday's little revelation got me thinking about the crushes I had on celebs when I was a little girl. Some of those crushes were short lived, while others never really ended. Anyway, here's a little list of my favourite objects of affection, back in the day:

The King of Rock 'n Roll.

I pretty much grew up with Elvis, even though he died about two months after I was born. But my mum was (and still is) a fan and so we got to hear a lot of Elvis and watch a few of his movies. This all led to the development of a pretty huge crush on the King. I must point out though that the object of my affection was the young and handsome Elvis of Jailhouse Rock and Blue Hawaii - as opposed to the larger, sweatier rhinestone-bejewelled Elvis. Anyway, I was pretty young when I had my crush - around 8 years old - but it was true love! And who could blame me - Elvis was SO handsome and nice and all that!

Moving on...
First there was Battlestar Galactica. And then there was the A-Team. And both were AWESOME thanks to Lieutenant Starbuck and Face.

Dear God, what a major girl-crush that was. I used to think Lt Starbuck was so insanely good-looking. And as Face, Dirk Benedict was even better! This was around the same time as my Elvis crush, so I was also pretty young then - but not too young to recognise HOTNESS when I saw it!

Then, a few years on, the New Kids on the Block came into my life and it was love at first sight. Yes, I'm talking about you, Joey McIntyre! (Hey don't judge - they were cool back in the day!)

Yup, it was love with a capital L-U-R-V-E! Step by Step, Hanging Tough, Tonite... aw, good times! I remember spending hours in my bedroom just staring at the NKOTB posters on my wall, daydreaming about marrying Joey one day when I as older. You see, there was a 'major' age-gap between us. I was only 12ish whereas he was a whopping 17!!! But sooooo... cute! Aw yummy!


Being Brazen said...

I used to LOVE New Kids on the block too much!

Slyde said...

i think even I had a little crush in dirk benedict.. he was so cool on a-team!

tricia said...

How cute to have put a flower in the "now" of Elvis. Its okay that you had a crush on Elvis even when he had passed, when I was younger I was in love with John Lennon, who died 6 years before I was born.

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Brazen, you were in GOOD company! :)

Slyde, who could blame you for your boy-man crush. :) Seriously. Faceman rocked!

And Tricia, I can totally relate to your John Lennon crush. Another legend who went far too soon! ;)

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