Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Random Tuesday Waffling

So, did anyone watch Zuma's inauguration on Saturday? I caught snippets of it, including the arrival of Mugabe. (What a pity he was invited! I guess they kinda had to send him an invite, being neighbours and all, but still.) And at last all the mystery surrounding which of Zuma's wives would attend as the First Lady was cleared up. The winner being Wife Number One: Sizakele Khumalo. She's not quite a Michelle Obama but then again, JZ is no Barack Obama either. Oh well. His other two wives also attended, but they had to sit in the cheap(er) seats. Anyway, the new cabinet has been announced and today is Zuma's first proper day in his new office. I suppose all we can do now is watch and hold thumbs.

Jacob and Sizakele Khumalo Zuma a.k.a wife numero uno...

...and the other two wives, Thobeka Mabhija Zuma and Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma.

Of course, mustn't forget the (rather happy-looking) ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Speaking of new offices, I've also got a new one. It's certainly a down-grade though. I mentioned a while back that, like so many other companies, we too are feeling the effects of this $#&^*& recession. To cut overheads, we're sub-letting some of our office space. My office space. So I got kicked out of my pretty little corner with the lovely views to be stuffed into a little sardine can of an office where my colleagues and I are pretty much on top of each other. Sigh. As a result of the move, I've also lost my parking spot, which certainly has not helped my mood. Cape Town winters are generally wet and miserable and so covered parking is well-coveted here. Hopefully, I'll be given a new spot soon but I'm not too optimistic.

Anyway, enough moaning. Happy thoughts... happy thoughts...

Oh, something very cool happened to me recently. I entered an online competition and actually won it!!! The prize was a book hamper from Exclusives and so they sent me a box of their 'top 10'. I was So. Incredibly. Chuffed!!!! What a happy little nerd! (It's the little things, you know.) It happened at a good time because lately NOTHING has been going right and I'm really on the brink of dropping out of society and heading for the hills. Now at least I'll have lots to read once I've resorted to living off the land.

My fabulous loot

P.S. Thanks Getty, for the inauguration images. Please don't sue me for using them. Pretty please.


Spear The Almighty said...

What made me angry was that Mugabe, mass murderer, got a standing ovation...

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Yeah I know, it was a serious WTF moment! It's mind-blowing that some people out there still admire that pathetic oxygen thief.

What's almost worse is that it does nothing for SA's image either. Even though his South African admirers are undoubtedly in the minority, acting like that when the cameras from across the globe are focusing on us makes us ALL look bad.

Yeah, those guys definitely deserved a swift bitch-slap. And then some. ;)

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