Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bob and the Queen

'Saw this on the back page of an old Financial Mail and thought it was worth sharing...

Robert Mugabe flies to England to see the Queen. Over a cup of tea, he brings up his plans for his country.
"Your Majesty, can we turn Zimbabwe into a kingdom, in order to increase its force in the world market?"
The Queen shakes her head and replies: "One needs a king for a kingdom, Mr Mugabe and unfortunately you are most certainly not a king."
Not to be dissuaded, Bob asks: "Would it be possible to transform Zimbabwe into an empire then?"
"No, you silly chap," snorts the Queen, "for an empire you need an emperor, and you are most certainly not an emperor."
Bob thinks for a moment and then asks if it is possible to turn Zimbabwe into a principality.
The Queen replies: "For a principality, you need a prince, and you Mr Mugabe, are definitely not a prince."
Pausing for a sip of tea, she adds: "I don't mean to appear rude but having met you, I think Zimbabwe is perfectly suited as a country."

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