Monday, 23 March 2009

Breathing deep

It's been a pretty miserable couple of weeks. Work is toxic, my piggy bank is broken and I been sinking into a pretty nasty abyss of a funk. Before I head for the nearest bridge, I thought I'd make the effort to remind myself of all the good stuff that's around, even if sometimes, it's hard to spot at first.

Part of that process involves being pro-active and so at long last, I've given my little blog a make-over. It's still a work in progress as I'm not 100% happy with it yet, but it's a start. Anyway, since last I posted something, I've been away for the weekend, eaten at some amazing restaurants very much off the beaten path, been on a complete bender with a buddy that nearly resulted in alcohol poisoning (yes, my liver and I are very ashamed) and I've had close encounters with city squirrels. (The cute and fluffy kind.) I'm going to bombard you guys with details of all the above over the next couple of days (perhaps not the bender evening though) but in the meantime, here a couple squirrel pics.

I came across these little guys while in Cape Town's famous gardens the other week. They're very people-friendly and happily munch peanuts out of your hand while keeping a wary eye on scavenging pigeons.

More tomorrow...


Niel de la Rouviere said...

Ah they're so cute! Everytime when I feel a bit down I also write the things down that I liked in that day. And this piece I wrote really makes me appreciate life.

P.S. - Thanks for commenting on my blog. :) I replied to the spammer. Check back in a few days for an update post.

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Hey Niel! Thanks for the link - that's a really nice piece you've written!

And yup, looking forward to seeing what happens with your spammer... ;)

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