Friday, 26 March 2010

Cue the Bridget Jones dinner table scene...

My friend Diane is getting married tomorrow. She's madly, deeply in love with a boy who loves her just as much and so now they're getting ready to kick-start the next chapter in their lives. All very romantic.

I'm looking forward to the wedding. I reckon it'll be quite the party though I'm a little disappointed that I'll be flying solo. Again. I thought about finding a suitable wedding date but it's slim pickings these days and I don't really want to spend the evening making sure a relative stranger is comfortable in an environment that screams 'relationships' and 'commitment'. So I'm going alone even though I promised myself at the last wedding I went to that I'm not going to any more weddings by myself.

To be fair, it's not that bad. With any luck, I'll sit with friends at the reception, unless I am cruelly sent to the singles' table. Gulp. The only icky part really is the dancing, because that's pretty much my favourite bit (next to the complimentary wine of course) but it's not as much fun if you're dancing on your own. So now I've decided that this is definitely the very last wedding I'll go to without a partner. And this time I mean it. If I'm not with man the next time someone I know gets married, then I'm afraid I'll be washing the dog on their special day. No offence. That said, most of my friends are already married, so unless they pick up the pace and move onto second marriages, I should be off the hook for a while.

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be a beautiful wedding. I've booked a hair appointment for tomorrow morning, bought a gift off their Woolies list and found a pretty little silver gray dress (that was on sale). Now I just need to decide between my delicate silver sandals (that will no doubt leave me crippled) or my sexy black boots that may be a little too much for this time of year (but are infinitely more user-friendly, in spite of their considerable heels). Nothing like a shoe dilemma to distract a girl from her single-wedding-guest status.

Yeah right.


Bruno Alves Camarotti said...

Hahaha... Sorry, but i definetely liked you.
Forgive-me for my bad english, but i'm gonna try to give to you my point of view.
Absolutely Fantastic all of that, all that dilemas you are passig by.
On the next day, of course i'm pretty shure that those facts wont bottery you any more, to be with no partnet, or what shoe you should use.
Actually, for me, you deserve to wear something like this to match with your "personalitté".
Luv your toghts... I'm gonna visit your blog often. ^^

Forr now, just leave my goodbye at the most coomon way in Brazil:

Um beijo bonita, até mais! :)

Nic said...

Hey Bruno! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and saying such nice things! You made my day - I really appreciate it.

(And yup, I had a great time at the wedding and danced my ass off - regardless of shoe choice and lack of partner! ;)

By the way, I love those shoes in the link! Maybe one day I'll be able to afford Louboutins. Hold thumbs! :)

Thanks again for stopping by...
x o x o

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