Sunday, 14 February 2010

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I feel compelled to share this little gem with you. I found it in the latest copy of FairLady

Fay Millar is a London-based baker who offers her clients a decadent range of cakes that celebrate many of life's big occasions including weddings and, well, break-ups. Yeah, that's right. Divorce cakes. Now call me cynical but I think it's a great idea. Why end a relationship whimpering in a dark corner with a box of tissues, Celine Dion whining in the background and a month's supply of chocolates when you can end it in style with a gorgeous cake?!?! Here, take a look at these:

  So long, dumbass

Hit the road, Jack! (Erm, Jill)

You've lost that loving feeling...

See, just when things hit an all time low, you can have your cake AND eat it. (And if you wanted to eat it all by yourself, that would be okay too. You're grieving. Or something.) I think these cakes are GORGEOUS!!! Especially the middle one. (Though the bride in the last pic looks like a crazy psycho bitch - not very flattering.) Anyway, if ever any of my girlfriends get dumped or divorced, I'll scour the streets of Cape Town until I find something similar. And hopefully they'll do the same for me. Any excuse for cake. Yum!

It kinda reminds me of that time in Sex and the City* when Carrie goes to a baby shower and ends up having her gorgeous Manolos swiped. When the hostess brushes off the incident and refuses reimburse Carrie, she decides to throw herself a fabulous single and baby-less type party which has a guest list  of one and a gift registry at Manolo Blahnik. That's how she gets her shoes replaced.

You're probably thinking that's pretty petty. But then again, any woman in her thirties would agree that there's a limit to how many bridal showers and baby showers a girl can endure. Let's face it, the only person who really enjoys those is the bride- or mum-to-be. For the rest of us, it's really an obligatory appearance and another present to fork out for. I mean c'mon, it's great that you found 'true' love and are getting married but do you really need a pre-party party and gifts for that? Isn't lifelong companionship and a big rock enough reward? Seriously! All I'm saying is the next bridal shower I go to had better be my own, damnit!

Anyway, hope you have a lovely V-day regardless of your relationship status. Now go eat some chocolate!

*Season 6, episode 9 to be exact. Speaking of which, almost time for the sequel to the first movie! Yay, I can't wait!!! Happeeeeeeeeee...


Pamela said...

Divorce it! I am actually throwing a divorce party for my best friend soon and we even had her set up a divorce registry on! I will definitely have to look into getting her one of these cakes for the party now too!

Nic said...

A divorce registry?!?! Love it! :)

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