Saturday, 19 December 2009

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Last weekend I abandoned my kitty and home to house-sit for friends in Table View. A swimming pool and DSTV sweetened the deal so I was there like a bear to make sure the pets were all taken care of. Of course, with two dogs and three cats in the mix, a little animal drama is to be expected and sure enough one of the cats brought home a baby bird on the first night I was there.

Luckily the kitty got so carried away with happiness at his treasure find that I was immediately alerted to the situation, enabling me to snatch the baby birdie from certain death via torture before consumption. I reckon the bird was blown out of his nest by the hectic wind, as he didn't have a scratch on him. But you know how it is... these guys are super sensitive and traumatised birds rarely survive though they take forever to head towards the light and the Big Nest in the Sky waiting beyond.

This guy was tiny!!! Not sure what type of bird he was, but he seemed to be quite greenish. Straight away, I bundled him into a little tupperware dish where he sat trembling and teetering On The Edge, so to speak. Throughout the night I kept checking on him, hoping that he had passed away peacefully and without too much drama. But the little guy hung in there. I couldn't believe my eyes the next morning when I opened the lid of his container and he stuck his head out, beak wide open, noisily demanding breakfast! I tried feeding him some bread soaked in water, but I had no idea if I was feeding him the right stuff or right amount. Plus, the noisy little guy had piqued the other animals' attention, which made it even harder to feed him. So I decided to seek 'professional help' and took the bird over to SANCOB.

They're also based in Table View and even though they deal more with the rehabilitation of coastal birds, they were lovely and accommodating. SANCOB was happy to take the bird and feed him a proper breakfast before passing him on to experts. Who knew?!?! So next time you have a bird emergency, don't forget that SANCOB can help you out. They ask for a really tiny donation in exchange, but it's worth it considering the amazing work they do. They're really an awesome bunch - just ask all those rescued penguins!

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