Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Good vibes

Things have been a little heavy for a while now (unemployment is such a buzz kill)  so I reckon it's time to lighten things up. Here's a post about everything and nothing. No negativity here! 

So my dad recently upgraded to a new camera. This was great news for me as he gave me his 'old' camera. For many moons now I've been perving over digital SLRs and I'm pleased to announce I finally GOT ME ONE!!!! I'm really chuffed. It's a Canon EOS 300D and I'm so in love with it. I foresee a long and happy future with my beautiful new toy. I've been playing around with it a bit - here are a few of my favourite pics:

 Jeep at Eaglevlei Wine Farm

  Cue cliched cat pic

 Ducks in a row, at Groot Constanta

Different angle of Groot Constantia quacks

 A random kid and his dog

My friend Karen,
whose birthday we were celebrating at Groot Constantia

I love the control it offers the user. Compact cameras are a lot like Microsoft - they assume you don't know what you're doing and try to do everything for you. I hate that. But not my little baby. No. That's not to say my little Sony compact camera is to be kicked to the curb, but SLR is obviously first prize! 

Anyway, been keeping an eye on all this Fifa World Cup stuff and I must say, I am very willingly letting myself be swept up in the momentum of excitement. Last Friday was a glorious day for Cape Town when it hosted the Fifa WC draw. I was so proud of the Mother City! The vibe was fantastic! (Not so sure about Ms Theron's outfit though. Just saying.) 

The weekend started on an exuberant high note and ended equally wonderfully at The Killers concert. God, I love those guys! Brilliant show! Val de Vie Wine and Polo Estate was a stunning setting for the concert but turned out to be a less than ideal venue logistically. One access point to and from the wine farm?!?!? Traffic was a nightmare - some people sat in their car for up to four hours waiting to get out. Insane! But yes, The Killers. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I snuck my little compact camera in (see, it still has its uses) but once it got dark it took rubbish pictures. So here are some of my photies plus a couple I pinched from News24 (Thanks News24, please don't sue me.) 

 Beautiful clouds littering the sky above Val de Vie

 Before the concert 

 Love those pink dusk skies (random dude unknown)

 And now here are those News24 photies I mentioned...

This photographer had a MUCH better view than I did

Brandon Flowers for President

Anyway,on that note I'll wrap up now. Off to write my letter to Santa before it's too late! 

P.S. Have you added your name to the Seal the Deal campaign? Check it out and make a difference at Copenhagen. More info here too. Oh, and here as well!

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