Saturday, 3 May 2008

The Barbie Chronicles

So I was at Madame Zingara the other week, and came away with a red wine lipstick, good memories and a whack-load of photos of my friends and I. (And there's no way in hell I'm posting those. Uh-uh.)

Anyway, our 'table centre-piece' featured kitsch plastic flowers and, I'm sorry to say, a near-naked Barbie-wannabee. Here's some of what our risqué table host got up to.

The Barbie Chronicles*

Nudist Camp Barbie
frolics with nature

Camp Barbie
likes to ‘gay it up’

Ice-cream Barbie
can be a little frigid

Daredevil Barbie
likes living on the edge

Hairdresser Barbie
knows how to work a ‘fro

Exhibitionist Barbie
likes to show off.

* It seems she’s a bit of a slapper


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a good night :o) Afro barbie Rocks! Nic

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Oh yeah! You and Barbie definitely rocked that party! :)

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