Thursday, 15 October 2009

Climate Change: Blog Action Day 2009

Okay so listen up. Being October the 15th, it's Blog Action Day. And this year the topic is one that affects you and me. It's CLIMATE CHANGE!

Yeah, that's right. Climate change is something that has a direct impact on all of us and, if you choose to breed, it'll affect the lives of your sprogs and their sprogs and so on. It's surprisingly easy to ignore the facts and leave the responsibility of change to big corporations and powerful governments. But who're you kidding? You know that change starts with each and every one of us, and that only by working together will we be able to make a sustainable difference.

Come on guys, learn to recycle, preserve water and cut down on your carbon footprint. And if that seems like more bother than it's worth, think of majestic polar bears who, unable to find solid ice to rest on, meet their demise at the depths of the ocean. Polar bears shouldn't die by drowning, and yet they are.

Because of us.

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