Monday, 8 September 2008

Show and tell

My poor little neglected blog... it's been a while. I've spent so much time stalking other blogs that I've pretty much forgotten mine existed. So time for a catch-up. The last few weeks have entailed a couple of 'firsts' for me. Here they are...

My First Fashion Show

Oh-so-Sex and the City! It was Cape Town Fashion Week here recently and a friend had a few comps for the Maya Prass show. So I glammed myself up best I could and sashayed (sp?) over to the Convention Centre. It was just like on TV. In fact, it was on TV! (Well, there were a couple of TV cameras and strange looking [read: German] presenters.) We found our seats (sadly, sans goodie bags. I do love a good goodie bag. Sigh...) and waited for the show to begin. That took a while which gave us ample time to check out our surroundings. Hardly surprising, it was very much a fashion / designer sort of crowd, and some of the outfits people wore were hilarious. (Not talking about the models.) It was really the lads that got dressed up and one particular number a guy wore branded my mind. He wore a shiny sparkly green catsuit thingie that was less than flattering and not particularly manly. Then again, I don't think manly was the look he was aiming for. Ahem. moving on... The show itself was good, though it was over in a flash. But I quite like Maya Prass stuff, though I doubt I'd wear most of it. In all, it was a fun experience - pretty boys and all. Word to the wise, though. A fashion show holds zero prospect of meeting men. Unless you're gay. In which case, wear something nice and double up on the cologne because son, chances are you're going to get very lucky!
Speaking of men, my next 'first'...

My First Blind Date (awwww, sweet...)

More like arggghhhh!!!! Though it really wasn't that bad. It was more the sheer terror of having to meet up with a complete stranger. What if he was a weirdo? Or really short? Or a pig? Or what if he was really hot and thought I was a short, weirdo pig?!?!? What if he got me drunk and tried to take advantage of me? What if he didn't get me drunk and try to take advantage of me? Pressure, pressure, pressure! Well, luckily for me he's really sweet and we had a nice time together. I'm not going to say any more on the matter in case I give said blind date my blog addy in some wine-induced moment of dumb-assness. A girl has to keep some things to herself. But on blind dating, I have this to say - it wasn't that bad and in all fairness it was quite liberating! Definitely like going on a job interview but one where you don't have to sneak the wine! :)

Well that's it for the firsts. I could've sworn there were more but I'm drawing a blank! But it's been a good few weeks. I went on an amazing Feature Writing course last week that left me feeling incredibly inspired! Funny thing is, my company paid for me to go on the course, and now that I've been on it, I'm dying to give up my day job and join the circus. Okay, no - maybe not the circus. But definitely a job that involves more creative writing. This copywriting thing has been fun but I think it's time to get off the ride. Anyway, it was a great couple of days. The workshop was hosted by Les Aupiais and there were about five other women in the class - all of them older than me. It was fantastic to spend a couple of days with such strong, powerful women. It was pretty stressful at times too but I had a great time!!!

Well anyway, enough waffling on that. Here are a couple of pics to end off with.

(Nice. Real nice!)

(This is why I went on that blind date)


Don't believe a word I write said...

Hey, just as well your blind date didn't show up in a sparkly green cat suit! :-)

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Hell yeah. For that, I am grateful beyond measure! :)

Helmey said...

thats awesome!

Fluffy Pink Thing said...

Ta Helmey :)

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