Thursday, 21 February 2008

End of an era

It's been about a gazillion years (okay, 8 months maybe) since my last post and I've just had an epiphany as to why it's been so long. I read my fair share of blogs, my favourites of which are always witty and interesting (granted, in varying degrees). This has put a lot of unnecessary pressure on me. I feel obliged to deliver scintillating, cleverly written pieces to readers, guaranteed to have them rolling with laughter and/or reeling with admiration.

All forgetting one thing. There ARE no readers. Chances are I'm the only person who knows my little blog exists. So screw it. From now on, I'm going to write about whatever takes my fancy. In all likelihood, it will be uninteresting and not in the least bit funny, and that's okay. There may be spelling mistakes and sneaky typos. So what! Not the end of the world. Mwah ha ha! (This is all quite liberating!)


Ant said...

that's the only way to see it.

Nicky said...

So true, Ant. So true.
And thanks for proving me wrong. It's great to know that SOMEBODY out there has read my blog. :)

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