Thursday, 26 April 2007

White men can dance

Finally, it would appear that winter (or at least autumn) has arrived. I’m sitting in my office wrapped in a warm woolly jersey, listening to the sound of rain. I love this sort of weather though make no mistake - I’d much prefer to be at home, sipping hot chocolate and snuggling under my duvet with a good book. (sigh) Especially as I’m feeling rather delicate this morning - a result of last night’s red wine pig out. Why oh why do the things I love hurt me so much? Red wine, chocolate, cheese... It makes me sad.

I’ve been trying to compensate by going to gym more frequently, which is in itself a v. difficult exercise! But once I’m there, it’s generally alright. Entertaining even, at times. Last Thursday I went to a hip hop class at gym. (Virgin Active have added various dance classes to their group work-out list. I tried the general dance class a while back but gave it a miss after finding myself jeté-ing across the floor feeling like a ridiculous flying hippo. My fears were confirmed by the mirrored walls of the studio. Delicate? No. Graceful? Hardly. Sexy? Definitely not! The hip hop classes, however, are more my style - not because I’m a natural candidate for the next LL Cool J video, but rather because hip hop is not meant to be graceful and delicate. Instead, it pretty much involves a lot of ass-shakin’. And that I can do.) Anyway, there I was in the hip hop class preparing to get down with my funky self when a late attendee rushed in and assumed a position in the back row, next to me. In a class dominated (entirely) by females (though led by a male instructor) I couldn’t help but notice the late arrival was a (very) middle-aged white guy. Anyway, I quickly forgot about that I as tried to focus on remembering the steps the instructor was teaching us. Until later, that is. The routine we were doing involved a lot of jumping about and turning around, providing a generous 360 degree view of the rest of the class, including the guy next to me. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this guy getting his groove on. I’m aware that we all look fairly ridiculous pulling off our hip hop moves, but this middle-aged white guy was giving it some serious horns. While the class was practicing the choreographed routine, this guy was having a little improv session - leaping into the air, swirling around and doing a pretty mean Johnny Clegg impersonation. It was hilarious! He really seemed to be enjoying himself though, which is - after all, the best reason to dance. He looked like the type of guy who most likely wears suits to work, where he is a director of sorts - if not the owner - so when he was dancing like a crazy person it was, well, funny. But funny in a good way, along the lines of ‘You go, boy - shake that money-maker!’. He made me laugh.

So yup, I’ve been going to gym though I certainly haven’t noticed any affect on my physique, fitness levels or scary weight. In fact, I’m convinced it’s doing nothing at all. But Queen Oprah tells us the key to losing weight is to eat less and move more, and so eat less and move more I will. (Well, eating less is step two of my plan - I haven’t quite gotten there yet.)

All hail Queen Oprah.

As mentioned previously, I’d like to get in shape for my overseas trip which is happening later this year. Yes, it’s booked so I’m definitely going! Yay! There’s also the bridesmaid thing in January, and again, no one likes a fat bridesmaid so I intend to be thinner and more svelte by then.

So, it’s dawned on me that all this self-obsession is tediously boring, making for awful reading, so I’m going to finish up with something that’s not all about me! me! me! Memoirs of a Geisha. Okay so I haven’t read the book but I watched the movie on DVD over the weekend - what a truly BEAUTIFUL film! I highly recommend that everyone and their dog watch it. If not for the bitter sweet story line, then most certainly for the absolutely gorgeous cinematography (is that the right word?). Visually, it’s a really stunning movie so do yourself a favour and watch it. Speaking of movies based on books and all that, I’ve just finished reading Beloved (Toni Morrison). Think I’ll watch the movie too, just to see another take on the novel. I have very mixed feelings about the book - it was really well written but I found it an intensely sad book to read. It’s captivating yet in a slightly macabre sense. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and will continue to do so as I’m working on my studies. Some very interesting books in the mix. I’m studying American Literature this year, the reading list of which comprises timeless classics including The Great Gatsby ( I really enjoyed that book), Beloved, Leaves of Grass and a whackload of others.

Tomorrow is a public holiday. I have no idea what public holiday it is and frankly, I don’t give a rat’s bottom either. I’m just uber-grateful to have a day off. Depending on the weather and my mood, I may spend the whole day in bed. (Oh sublime bliss!) ‘Will have to stock up on beaucoup toast and hot chocolate if that’s the plan. Gee, I simply cannot figure out why I’m not losing weight. Awooooo. Oh well, blame it on the weather.

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