Friday, 2 February 2007

Happy New... February?!?

I’m feeling really tired today. I had a few friends over for a little dinner party last night (ooh yes, on a ‘school night’). Coincidentally, one of the couples had got engaged the evening before, so we had lots to celebrate. The wine and champagne flowed and so in spite of not-too-late-a-night, today is not being kind to me. Still, ‘had a great evening - worth feeling a little crappy this morning, and today’s Friday - which always puts me in a ‘happy place’.

Anyway...I blinked, and now somehow February is here. Last month flew by at such a hectic pace - I really don’t know what happened. I remember New Year’s Eve (though certain details are sketchy)... I remember making a short list of resolutions (more on that later)... I certainly remember feeling misery and dread as my last day of leave dissolved into my first day back at work... and I remember cramming for an exam I wrote soon after that. But nope, the rest is a mystery. Maybe it’s true - the older you get, the faster time tends to fly.

So, more about those resolutions! First of all, I hate making resolutions because I feel I’m just setting myself up for failure. And so far, this year has been no different. My new year’s resolutions usually entertain the notion of going to gym (regularly) and eating more sensibly. Well, total visits to gym in January... zero (to be fair, it has been unbearably hot and so, you know...). As for the eating thing - no comment. More importantly, however, I added two new resolutions to my list - ones I’m actually excited about keeping.

First of all, I’m going to concentrate on focusing less on work, simply because the last year or two has been tough (work-wise) and the more stressed I get at work, the more miserable my life gets. So this year is going to be different. No, really! What happens at work, stays at work - and while I’m still set on building a career, this job is a mere stepping-stone. A means to an end. Secondly, and most importantly - this year I’m going on an overseas trip! I’ve been threatening to do this for years now but have never had the guts and got my ass into gear. It’s always been a case of bad timing, insufficient funds and all the other usual excuses. Not much has changed but this year I’ve decided not to let anything stop me. I’m going, damnit! The POA is to go over to the UK in September/October and spend about three weeks travelling around. I’d like to visit my brother while I’m over and also spend some time in Scotland. (I have lots of long-lost relatives who live there and it’s high time we all met.) I’d also like to go over to France while I’m ‘in the neighbourhood’ - though this is entirely budget-dependent. Anyway, I’m quite excited about doing this trip - it’s good to have something to look forward to! But enough about resolutions and my overseas trip (don’t want to jinx things). Moving on... I was surfing the ‘net the other day and came across This site has an impressive variety of posters and I found some funny ones that I thought were worth sharing. I really hope the nice guys at don’t mind - I really don’t want to be sued (it would be a sucky way to start the year). Anyway, here are some of the posters that made me laugh out loud...

'Til the next time, ciao4now.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Nicola-jane, I can't believe i have found your blog, would love you to get in touch. Your cousin Tracey ford.

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